FWISD - Access to Technology from Home
Please complete this survey for newly enrolled students and students that didn't have technology during the Spring.
Campus Location/Nombre de Escuela *
Student Grade Level/Grado del Estudiante *
Last Name of Student/Apellido del Estudiante *
First Name of Student/Primer Nombre del Estudiante *
Student ID/Numero de Identificacion del Estudiante *
Parent Email (if available)Correo electronico del Padre (si es disponible)
Does student need a Chromebook?/¿Necesita una computadora? *
Does student need a Hotspot?/¿Necesita internet? *
Do you have any other FWISD students (Grade 6-12) in your home with a device at home right now?/¿Tiene mas estudiantes en FWISD (grados 6-12) en su casa con una computadora/internet en casa ahora? *
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