Host Café Application Form
This year we will be opening up our Host Café room to other groups for Holiday Matsuri 2021!

All groups will be required to fill out this application completely.
If your Café is selected then your group will be relegated to certain time slots during the convention hours.

Tickets Sales:
Each group will be responsible for their own ticket sales.
We recommend using a ticket service such as Eventbrite or selling your tickets only at the door.
*Holiday Matsuri will not be held responsible for ticket sales, purchases, or refunds.
Each group will need to send their Café Information, images and tickets type to us so we can post it on our website.

Room Décor:
The Café Room will have a stage, a changing area, and tables and simple room décor.
Each group will be responsible for setting up, and dismantling, of any additional décor.
In between each group there will be an hour of lag time to give each group time for startup, shutdown, and clean up.

No groups will be allowed to cook food or create drinks.
All items served must be considered specialty items that does not compete with the hotel menu(s).
Email *
Legal Name *
What is your legal name present on your official government photo identification?
Your (Called) Name
If different than your legal name, how should we refer to you?
Café Name *
What is the name of your Café or Group?
Café / Group Description *
Please tell us about your café / group.
Social Media Links *
Provide all the links you want here ^_^
# of Hosts *
How many hosts are involved with your Café?
Café Maturity
In order to make sure that the Café is advertised and put in the correct time slot, we need to know what your expected level of Maturity is for your guests.

ALL AGES - No cursing, very conservative clothing, no suggestive dancing.

18+ - Attendees will be required to be 18 years of age or older to attend. (May be restricted to timeslots after 9:00pm)
Mature Café? *
Is your Café a Mature café? E.g., is it built for audiences that are older, or is this Café okay for everyone?
Food & Beverage Limitations
We cannot serve hot meals in the Café. All F/B usage is subject to approval from Holiday Matsuri and Orlando World Center Marriott.
Food/Beverage/Merchandise *
If food, beverage, or merchandise is included or will be sold during the cafe, please list the menu items and include any information of importance such as: Price, Quantity, at-event addons, etc. If your group does not serve anything then write 'N/A'
Attendance Cap *
How many guests could your group host at one time?
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