Expanding Emotion Regulation Research To More Than Binary Gender Identities
Title of Project: Gender Minority Identity and Emotion Regulation Strategies
Dissertation Chair: Dr. Catrina Vitagliano, Psy.D., Immaculata University
Student Researcher: Alison Opsomer, M.A., Immaculata University
We are currently engaged in a study about the different ways individuals who identify as transgender and/or gender nonconforming regulate their emotions. Emotion regulation is a part of everyone’s daily lives, whether they are aware of it or not. There is a large body of research that has been conducted on the ways that people who identify as cisgender or who are in the gender majority regulate their emotions, but there is a gap in the research concerning people who identify as gender minorities. This study hopes to address that gap in the research. Doing so could inform the public and provide health professionals with valuable information to enhance their understanding of the emotion regulation strategies of individuals who identify as gender minorities. Furthermore, such an understanding would help inform treatment and reduce bias in current research.

The benefits of participation include being able to participate in psychological research where your self-identified gender is recognized, respected, and acknowledged and contributing to knowledge about the emotion regulation preferences of people who identify as gender minorities.

To help us gain further insights into this area we will ask you to complete an online survey that takes approximately 10-15 minutes, where you will be asked about how you respond to your emotional experiences. There is a potential for minimal emotional discomfort due to reflection on the ways you respond to emotional experiences, such as distressing emotional experiences. Resources will be provided to help cope with the potential risk of emotional discomfort, if needed.

The data you will provide will be recorded anonymously, and your participation and anything you endorse will be held in the strictest confidence.

We welcome questions about the study at any time. Your participation in this study is on voluntary basis, and you may refuse to participate at any time without consequence or prejudice. Any questions you have about the research can be directed to me, Alison Opsomer (aopsomer@mail.immaculata.edu), or to my dissertation chair, Dr. Catrina Vitagliano (610-647-4400 ext. 3464 or cvitagliano@immaculata.edu).

This project was reviewed and approved by the Research Ethics Review Board (RERB) at Immaculata University. Participants who have comments or concerns about their involvement in the project are welcome to contact the RERB Chair (610-647-4400). In addition, any questions about your rights as a research subject may be directed to Dr. Thomas F. O’Brien (610-647-4400 ext. 3221 or tobrien@immaculata.edu).

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