Georgestown Community Composting
Thank you for your interest in the Georgestown Community Composting Pilot Project!

The goal of this survey is to learn about composting in your neighbourhood and to select participants. Given that the project's capacity is 45 households (about 90 people), priority for participation will be given to those who do not currently compost at home.

Please answer the questions below to help us select participants, get to know you better and plan our workshop so that it can serve you best, and learn about your expectations (regardless of whether you compost or not).

Thank you again for your interest and your time!

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1. What is your name? *
2. What is your address? *
3. Please share your preferred contact information. (e.g. phone number, email, both) *
4. How many people live in your house? This helps us estimate the number of people participating in the program
5. Do you currently compost at home? *
6. If you do not currently compost at home, what are some of the barriers that prevent you from composting? Check all that apply. *
7. What would you like to learn about composting? Please check all that apply regardless of whether you compost or not. *
8. What do you expect to gain for yourself or your community with this community composting project? *
9. Please add any other questions or comments you may have below:
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