Graduating Senior Exit Survey
This survey is designed to get your opinion on the curriculum of your department.  Your responses will remain anonymous. The information you provide will help us improve engineering education at JUST. Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. If you encounter some questions about issues that are unfamiliar to you, please answer to the best of your ability.
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This program fulfills the educational needs of students with broad theoretical and practical skills and knowledge in basic disciplines on animal production.
2. Provide the animal production industry with skilled and qualified personnel.
3. Conduct scientific and applied research related to animal agricultural needs.
4. Provide and teach processes and scopes of integrated management to optimize the use of various farm resources to solve problems in animal agriculture.
How often have you been asked to use the following tools in my coursework? *
Word processing (MS word...)
Presentation preparation (PowerPoint…)
Internet search Access (Web browsing for example)
Communication (email for example)
For the following courses you have attended, please indicate on a scale from 1 to 5 the importance of each coursework toward your objectives in attending this program: *
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BIO 103 General Biology
BIO 107 General Biology Laboratory
CHEM 103 General Chemistry
CHEM 107 General Chemistry Laboratory
PHY 103 General Physics
MATH 102A Calculus (for biological sciences students)
PP 204 Principles of Agricultural Economics
PP 262 Extension and Transfer of Agricultural Technology
CHEM 112 General Organic and Biological Chemistry
PP 202 Principles of Plant Science
AP 206 Principles of Animal Science
AP 213 Introduction to Biostatistics
BIO 231 General Microbiology
AP 232 Feeds and Feeding
AP 234 Animal Behavior and Welfare
AP 302 Seasonal Field Practices (I)
AP 304 Animal Nutrition Laboratory
AP 311 Sheep and Goat Production
AP 312 Dairy Cattle Production
AP 313 Broiler Production
AP 315 Table and Hatchery Egg Production
AP 318 Beef Cattle Production
AP 321 Animal Physiology
AP 333 Range Animal Nutrition
AP 336 Poultry Nutrition
AP 349 Animal Genetics
AP 399 Summer Practical Training
AP 401 Seasonal Field Practices (II)
AP 403 Feed Milling Laboratory
AP 405 Animal Physiology Laboratory
AP 406 Artificial Insemination Laboratory
AP 407 Poultry Production Laboratory
AP 408 Carcass Evaluation Laboratory
AP 423 Reproductive Physiology
AP 424 Environmental Physiology of Farm Animals
AP 433 Animal Health
AP 434 Poultry Diseases and Parasites
AP 435 Ruminant Nutrition
AP 442 Animal Breeding
AP 446 Meat Science
AP 491 Seminar
I have participated in the following experiences outside of required course activities (Answer each): *
Working on research (inside and outside JUST)
Internship and training
Workshops and/or conferences
Reading relevant magazines and/or journals
Using the internet as a learning resource
Seeking out new cultural experiences
Community service/volunteering
Do you believe that you were trained adequately in the laboratories on safe laboratory procedures?
Do you think laboratories in the department were sufficiently equipped with modern equipment?
Were classroom conditions adequate?
Very good
Please rate the overall quality of teaching in the department
Please rate your research experience in the department
How many (First) semesters you registered to finish the degree? *
How many (Second) semesters you registered to finish the degree? *
How many (Summer) semesters you registered to finish the degree? *
If more than 8 semesters excluding the summers then the reason is (check all that apply) *
Sources of financial Support: *
Have you received any award from the university?
Did you participate in any undergraduate research?
Would you recommend any of your friends, or relatives to study Animal Production at JUST?
If you recommend or not recommend this program please specify the reasons: *
Did you wish that the Department of Animal Production obtained an internationally recognized accreditation? *
Future plans (check all that apply to your future career plans): *
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