Questionnaire; General community
Ministry of Industry has taken an initiative to formulate a National Policy for Industry Development. Industrial Services Bureau (ISB) is assigned with the overall responsibility of policy formulation, while a team of professionals provides the technical support. The formulation process includes several consultations and data collection from stakeholders. Industry sector as a key stakeholder has different modes to participate in the policy formulation process and this industry survey serves as a part of the industry participation.

Community survey has been designed to obtain the insights and suggestions from the indirectly related stakeholders to the industries. It is believed that views of public community is important in developing a policy to the Ministry of Industry. All the community people are invited to provide their responses to this questionnaire and thereby contribute to this nationally important endeavor.

All the data and information being collected are treated confidential.
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A. Basic Information
1. Name of the respondent
2. Designation
3. Type of organization *
4. Address
5. Telephone number *
6. Email
B. How do you define the broader level issues and impediments for rapid industrialization in Sri Lanka?(Please prioritize in a logical order).
Macro level Policies and regulations
Labour & Human capital issue
Infrastructure and logistic issues
Market related issues
Investment incentives structure
License & permits Technology, Research & Innovation
Entrepreneurial culture & education
Industrial development & environmental issues
Institutional environment including BDS
Any other areas you want to elaborate
Clear selection
C. Your suggestions and proposals to overcome above mentioned issues & impediments
D. In your opinion what would be the key factors affecting to global competitiveness of the Sri Lankan industry
E. Your proposals and suggestions to enhance the industry competitiveness in Sri Lanka.
F. In your opinion based on industrialized country experience, what would be the Sri Lankan industrial policy direction for next 15 years for leapfrogging and graduate into next level (industry 04th level)
G. What are the other related policies impact positively or negatively for the rapid industrialization in Sri Lanka.
H. According to your understanding (with evidences) what manufacturing industry sector/s would you recommend to compete at the Global market place to promote next two decades in Sri Lanka for rapid industrialization?
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