Northfield Swim Club Family Survey 2020
The Northfield Swim Club Board of Directors asks that you complete this survey. Your input is valuable and will help our club continue to succeed!

Please be prepared to complete some questions with your swimmer (Section 2). If you have more than one swimmer, you can choose to complete Section 2 with each swimmer, or complete one with all of your swimmers taken into consideration.
What brought your family into the sport of swimming and to our swim club? *
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What age(s) is(are) your swimmer(s)? Select all that apply. *
On average, how often does(do) your swimmer(s) attend practice per week? *
Is(are) your swimmer(s) involved in other extra-curricular activities in the evenings? If so, please elaborate. *
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Do you feel you receive adequate and timely communication about: *
Club news
Practice changes
Meet information
Would you, as a parent, like feedback on your swimmer's progress? If so, how often? *
Would you be interested in the following for your swimmer?
Focused skill refinement sessions outside of our regular, weekday practice times? (Ex. starts and turns)
Saturday practices
Weight training
Please answer Yes or No for the following: *
The cost to participate in the club is reasonable.
The length of each practice is appropriate for the age/skill of my swimmer(s)
I am offered adequate opportunities to fulfill my volunteer commitment.
Any questions or concerns are answered promptly.
The website is easy to navigate and user-friendly.
On a scale of 1 to 3, please rate the following: *
1 (Needs Improvement)
2 (Average or Indifferent)
3 (Good or Excellent)
Professionalism of staff
Quality of coaching staff
Quality of dryland training
Quality of starts and turns training
Swimmer goal setting process
Swim meet experience
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