Volunteer Application
Greetings Loco Bloco Community!
It is with great excitement that I am writing to you with an amazing new opportunity for you to get involved in supporting Loco Bloco’s programs and youth, by inviting you to join our Volunteer Group.
For the past 25 years Loco Bloco has been able to provide effective and impactful programs for our city’s youth thanks to our strong intergenerational community. We would like to officially acknowledge the efforts and legacy of our volunteers and families who have kept our organization alive and supported our expansion as we have grown from serving 40 youth to the now 400 youth who participate in our programs each year. The Volunteer Group provides an opportunity to bridge together the larger community of alumni, families and adult supporters with the core LB organization and to activate and organize the resources of those community members in order to engage them in directly supporting our current and future youth participants’ healthy transition into adulthood.
I thank you for your generous support and I look forward to working with you to empower and uplift our youth and to help us all CHANGE THE RHYTHM OF THE WORLD
With Gratitude,
Annie Jupiter-Jones, Executive Director

Have You Ever Participated In Loco Bloco Through Carnaval, Shows, Or Classes?
Do You Feel Dedicated To Loco Bloco’s Mission Statement And Values?
Have You Had Experience Or Feel Passionate About Using The Performing Arts As A Tool To Create Change?
Are You Available To Attend Volunteer Program Orientation And Commit To Future Trainings?
Can You Commit To At Least 10 Hours Of Volunteer Work A Year?
Could You Pass A Fingerprinting/Background Clearance?
Do You Have The Following Skills:
o Cultural Competency
o Organized
o Time Management
o Effective Communication
o Remain Calm In High Stress Situations
o Cooperative/Collective
o Self-Motivating
o Experience Working With Youth Of All Ages?


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Preliminary questions
Are you a parent/guardian of a youth currently enrolled in a Loco Bloco class and/or Jamestown after school program? *
If yes, which class/program?
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What is the name of your child?
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When are you most available? *
What Dates are you most available?
How have you been involved with Loco Bloco in the past or present? *
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Please describe any previous volunteer experience you have had? *
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Describe a time that you were able to contribute to your community *
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What about Loco Bloco’s Mission and/or programs inspire you to become a volunteer? *
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Skills and Resources Check list
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Please check off all the skills or resources you may have *
Don't be shy, please be honest!
If you are Bilingual, what languages do you speak?
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What other organizations are you connected to, if any, and what is your relationship to them?
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Please tell us about any other skills or resources you have which might be helpful to Loco Bloco:
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Thank You for filling out the Loco Bloco Volunteer Application!
We will contact you about the next steps in the application process and to schedule your Volunteer Orientation.
Please email audrey@locobloco.org if you have any questions. Thank you!
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