That Triathlon Show 2022 Survey
Thanks for helping me keep improving That Triathlon Show by taking this quick survey :)
-Mikael Eriksson
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How would you rate That Triathlon Show on a scale from 1 to 10? *
What other endurance sports podcasts do you listen to? *
List all that you listen to, even if it's not on a regular basis.
What are your top-3 favourite endurance sports podcast, ranked from 1 to 3? (May or may not include That Triathlon Show) *
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Over the last year and a bit, the podcast has been mainly focused on interviews with coaches, practitioners and researchers. What are your thoughts on this model? Do you miss some other type of episode?  *
Would you like to see That Triathlon Show as a video podcast on Youtube?  *
Would you like to hear episodes previewing/reviewing professional races like WTCS, Superleague, Ironman, PTO etc?  *
What types of episodes would you most like to hear? *
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What types of episodes are you NOT interested in hearing? *
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What do you think of the "level" of That Triathlon Show in terms of the sometimes quite technical discussions and topics? Is this something you enjoy, is the level appropriate and the content understandable, or is it off-putting and not relevant for you? Please elaborate. *
Would you like to hear more of the rest of the Scientific Triathlon coaches on the podcast? *
What do you like about That Triathlon Show? *
What do you dislike or think could be improved about That Triathlon Show? *
How did you first find out about That Triathlon Show and start listening? *
Have you ever, or are you planning to, use any Scientific Triathlon services or buy any of our products? *
What other ideas, feedback or suggestions do you have?
If there are things you want to elaborate on, e.g. what your top priorities would be for the type of episodes to create or the types of guests to interview (like "the best episodes of all are when you interview coaches"), or anything else that comes to mind, it really helps a lot if you write all of it here.
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