Request of information - Children's Google Account Passwords
Children are required to log in to their Google accounts to be able to use the Chrome Books in school.

Since the password change request many children have forgotten what they have changed it to.

To make the log-in process a little less stressful for both teachers and pupils can we ask you to complete this form so we have a record of the children's passwords. This information will be kept confidentially.

If you are unsure of your child's password please let us know on the form and we will reset it for you.

If you have more than one child in school, please can you complete the form for each child so we don't mix the information up.

We appreciate your on-going support.

Child's Name *
Class *
Please enter your child's Google account password (if you are unsure of this please enter UNKNOWN and we will reset it) *
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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