Teens In Action Youth Nomination Form
Teens in Action, created by the Carlsbad Community Anti Drug\Gang Coalition, is looking for recommendations of youth to join a "Youth Council," where they will actively contribute to a healthier community while building connections with community leaders. Youth Council members will develop and build prevention campaigns in our community to address topics such as substance abuse and underage drinking.
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What school do they attend and what grade are they currently enrolled in? (Example: JMA, 9th Grade) *
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Why do you feel that this youth is a good candidate for the Youth Council? Please be as detailed as possible. Thank you! *
What is the e-mail address and phone number that we can use to contact the youth in case their nomination is approved? (Example: myemail@email.com, 575-999-9999) *
Finally, what is your name, e-mail address, and phone number so that we can thank you? (Example: Jane Smith, JSmith@femail.com, 575-999-9999) *
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