MamaCon Vendor Application - April 29th, 2017
Thank you for your interest in our MamaCon Marketplace!
Here is some information you will need:

Date: April 29th, 2017

Time: 2-10 pm
Marketplace open 2-7pm

Location: Hilton Bellevue
Fee: $175

Includes: One designated 6 foot space in the Marketplace.

Due to the high demand for tables in our marketplace, and the limited number of vendor spaces available, we reserve the right to select the applications that best meet the needs and wishes of our mamas!

We can only select one representative from a company and if multiple people apply from the same company, we will offer the space to the first person who applied according to the timestamp. For example, if two representatives from ABC Corp apply, one on Monday, one on Tuesday, we will offer the space to the Monday applicant.

We will be selecting the vendors by mid-May and emailing the contract to the email listed below. Payment can be made at that time. Thank you!!

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Hold Harmless Release:
To the full extent permitted by the law, the Participating Organization (Vendor) shall indemnify and hold harmless MamaCon LLC and its employees, agents, volunteer, sponsors and contractors from and against any and all liability suits, obligations, fines, damages, penalties, claims, costs, charges and expenses.

Loss or Damage:
MamaCon LLC shall not be held accountable for any loss or damage due to fire, accident, theft, weather, acts of God, vandalism or any other loss or injury not specifically described herein. Vendors are not insured by MamaCon LLC. Vendor must have replacement insurance for all personal property. Any vendor not holding valid liability insurance exhibits at their own risk and assumes all liability.

Selection Process:
MamaCon LLC reserves the right to refuse any vendor application. Should this occur before the fees are paid, the vendor will be notified and there will be no agreement between the vendor and MamaCon LLC. Should this occur after the fees are paid, the fee will be refunded and the agreement will be terminated.

By submitting this application, vendor acknowledges that this agreement has been read in its entirety and understands and agrees to all the rules and regulations set forth in this contract.

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