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機構使用個人資料聲明:1.閣下的個人資料(包括姓名、聯絡資料及其他相關資料),只會用作簽發收據、提供資訊(包括消息通訊、募捐、活動、服務、講座或訓練課程推廣)、義工招募及收集意見等之用途。2.有關資料受到嚴格保密。3.本機構收集之個人資料,除作上述用途之外,將不會以任何形式出售、租借及轉讓予任何人士或組織。如有疑問,請與本機構聯絡。Declaration of use of personal data: (1) Your information (including name, contact information and other related information), will only be used for the purpose of issuing receipts, communications (including promotion of our agency’s news, fundraising, events, talks or trainings), recruiting volunteers and conducting surveys for us. (2) Your relevant information will be kept strictly confidential. (3) Apart from the above purposes, your personal data being collected will not be sold, rented or traded in any form through any means to any other parties.

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