Lesson Two -- Trade Circles and Tech Deals
Next we’ll talk about trades and tech dealing.

For this lesson, have a look at the following links about trades:
Trade Circle Explanation: https://cnnato.org/thread-1113.html
Resources Guide: https://www.cybernations.net/about_topics.asp#Resources_&_Trades

And the following resources on tech dealing:
Tech Dealing Explanation: https://cnnato.org/thread-8567.html
Foreign Aid Guide: https://www.cybernations.net/about_topics.asp#Foreign_Aid

NATO recommends that you sell tech until your infrastructure level is 8,500. Tech trading is the way new nations make income. Tech trading is also beneficial to NATO as a whole.

The more technology an established nation has, the more expensive that tech becomes to purchase.  Having nations who reliably sell tech allows our larger nations to grow, while providing excellent cash flow to the smaller nations.

The Secretariat of Commerce (SoC) will assist you in arranging tech deals. The SoC assists members in arranging tech deals through the VEP Tech Deal Program, which you will have access to following your graduation from the CAT.

You will be sent an access code to the VEP website which is where the aid target lists are maintained.  There, you'll start by getting a list of buyers who will be sending you cash. It's all automated. After you've received some cash, just check your in-game messages regularly and send tech aid to the targets on your list when you owe tech to the system.  You only need to engage with the VEP when you have open foreign aid slots.

NATO nations are still allowed to organize their own tech deals, though we encourage members to become part of the VEP system due to its more efficient and automated nature.

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