The Top 30 Charity CEOs on Social Media Awards
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1. Best charity CEO
2. Best trustee
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4. Best charity rising star
5. Leader with the most innovative social media presence.

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Best charity CEO on social media
Their name
Best trustee on social media
Nominees should currently be a trustee for a charity. The nominee’s paid role (i.e. their day job) doesn't matter for this category, even if they work in a paid role at a different charity.
Best senior charity leader on social media
Nominees should hold a senior role in a charity (director, head of or equivalent). Anyone holding a more junior role at senior manager or manager level should be nominated in the Rising Star category instead. They can head up any department, as long as they are reporting at a senior level in the charity.
Best charity rising star on social media
Anyone holding senior manager or manager role or equivalent in a charity (anyone holding a more senior role like director or head of should be nominated in the charity leader category). Their role can be based in any department - as long as they are reporting at senior manager or manager level in the charity.
Leader with the most innovative social media presence
Nominate a leader (they might a CEO, director or the equivalent of) who has an innovative or interesting social media presence, or uses social media in a new way.
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e.g. express strong opinions, share useful knowledge, engage with their followers? Provide some specific examples if possible
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