AAEGT School/Institution Membership Form
TAX INVOICE - AAEGTInstMemb2021-22 ABN: 38 057 423 202

This form is for schools/institutions who wish to become a member of the AAEGT and do not have an affiliated Australian State Association. Currently this only applies to schools/institutions based in QLD and NT.

A School/Institution Membership has an annual fee of AUD$75 and includes two editions of the Australasian Journal of Gifted Education per year (two copies of each).

You must designate a Contact Person for this membership. Please provide the Contact Person's email below.
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School/Institution location *
If your School/Institution is based in an Australian State other than QLD or the NT, please join your affiliated State Association to become an AAEGT Member, http://www.aaegt.net.au/?page_id=780 . You must provide a postal or street address for your School/Institution.
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You must designate a Contact Person for this Institution membership.
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