ASMSA Advanced BIOLOGY Plus Classes Registration 2018-2019
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Advanced BIOLOGY Plus is a unique opportunity for your faculty members to prepare to teach AP® Biology and increase student success on AP® exams. Advanced BIOLOGY Plus allows your district to work with our extraordinary biology instructors to provide digital and on-site opportunities for your students. Our faculty members provide all content online and meet via video periodically with your students while working in conjunction with the assigned classroom teacher.

Cost and Information:

-There is a $100 non-refundable registration fee to ensure your place and help defer training costs.

-There is no student tuition.

-Participating schools must assign a teacher to the class who seeks to improve their AP® Biology instructional ability and increase their students' AP® Biology scores.

-Participating teachers will receive a biotechnology expansion package for their classrooms. For example, the 2017-2018 cohort of teachers received a package worth $500 containing an electrophoresis apparatus and an adjustable micropipette for gel loading. Participating teachers in this cohort also had the opportunity to win a variety of door prizes including lab kits and demo kits. The contents of future biotechnology expansion packages may or may not include the same materials, as package contents are determined by teacher needs and available funding.

-The ASMSA instructor can be the teacher of record for College Board, so APSI Certification in Biology is not required for the participating teacher. However, participating teachers are welcome to seek APSI Certification if they choose to be the teacher of record.

-Purchase of student textbooks is required by participating districts. For a list of approved textbooks, ask Dr. Holden (contact information below). Historically, any College Board-approved textbook published within the last 10 years is acceptable. ASMSA has a limited number of textbooks available for lease to participating schools. Leased textbooks must be returned to ASMSA at the end of the school year.

-Participating districts must provide time for the assigned teacher to attend a week long summer "boot camp" (June 18-22, 2018) and 2 one-day AP® Biology Professional Development sessions throughout the year that accompany the class. Meals are provided at no cost during these PD events. Lodging is also provided at no cost on our ASMSA campus during the summer "boot camp". Teachers attending these PD events can earn approximately 40 hours of quality, ADE-approved PD hours.

For questions and further information please contact:

David Slaymaker, Assitant Dean for Outreach

Dr. Whitney Holden, ASMSA AP Biology Instructor

Dr. Patrycja Krakowiak, ASMSA Biology Instructor

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