TY Application Form 2021/22
Please complete the form in full and submit by Friday 12th March 2021
Student Name *
Please give the names of four friends you would like to be in class with *
Date of Birth *
European Language studied for Junior Cert *
Parent/Guardian Details
Please provide email address and contact number for the parent/guardian we can contact in relation to TY activities
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Contact Number *
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Emergency Contact Details
Please provide the name and number of someone we can contact in case of emergency
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Medical Information
Do you have any medical conditions that the school need to be aware of? *
If yes, please provide as much detail as possible
Please select at least three of the following activities/teams/committees which you would like to be involved in during Transition Year *
In less than 50 words, explain why you would be a suitable candidate for St. Anne's Transition Year programme. *
Please read the following carefully and tick the box that applies
I give permission for my child to participate in ALL TY activities and trips. *
I acknowledge that my child will sometimes be involved in unsupervised activities and/or off school premises eg. Bag packing, distribution of promotional literature, fundraising etc. *
I give permission for my child's photograph to appear on the school website (killaloecc.ie) and school digital media platforms throughout the year. Students may also appear in local/national newspapers and other promotional materials. *
I acknowledge that student attendance and participation in activities is mandatory in TY. Non compliance may result in their withdrawal from the programme. *
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