WICE English Course Placement Evaluation
Thank you for taking the WICE English Course Placement Evaluation.

Here at WICE, we intend to offer the best language-learning experience for our student members. We believe that by placing a member in a small interactive classroom with other students at the same level gives a superior learning experience.

This test consists of 27 multiple-choice questions. For each, choose the best answer. At the end, press "submit" to validate your evaluation. You can then view your score.

Ce test comprend 27 questions à choix multiples. Pour chacune, choisissez la meilleure réponse. A la fin, appuyez sur "soumettre" pour valider votre évaluation. Vous pouvez voir votre score.

General Placement Guideline:
0 - 6 Beginner
7 - 16 Advanced Beginner to Low Intermediate - ENGLISH 2
17 - 27 Advanced Intermediate to Low Advanced - ENGLISH 3

When you are "between" two courses, eg 7/8 or 17/18, we use our discretion to advise on the correct placement.

Thank you again for participating . Bonne continuation! Good luck!
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