Women's Ministry Survey
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Which describes you best?
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Which time of the week works best with your schedule when planning women's activities?
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Do yo prefer to be in a group by your:
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Of the following, which interests you the most in women's ministry?
If you could have a need fulfilled by a women's ministry program, what would it be?
Based on Women's Ministry offerings, what has been valuable to you? What have you like/appreciated?
Based on past Women's Ministry offerings, what has not worked well for you and why?
What changes or additions would yo like to see in the future?
In your opinion, what ministry gap(s) or what needs of women are currently not being addressed through Bethel Women's Ministry?
Please describe any skills or past experience that you could be helpful in Women's Ministry?
What specific topics or books of the Bible would you like to study in a Women's Bible study?
What has kept you from participating in the past?
I would be willing to serve in Women's Ministry through my gift of or experience in:
I am currently participate in:
I currently serve within Bethel Church.
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Please tell us how you currently serve at Bethel
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Ona scale of 1-10, how likely are you to attend a Women's Bible study in person? (1 being absolutely not and 10 being can't wait to see some beautiful faces.
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