ElseNerds Survey 2017
We would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on how we can improve your experience!
What do you like about the show?
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What can be improved?
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Do you listen or watch?
Where do you watch our show?
Where do you listen to our show?
How long should our show be?
Should the News Section have more stories? (usually 3-4 stories)
Should the individual news coverage go deep into each story, or just the info?
What would you prefer to see less coverage of?
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What would you like to see more coverage of?
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How many episodes do you watch per month?
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Do you like seeing guests on the show?
Would you like us to have more guests on?
Any guests you want to suggest or see again?
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Would you like us to do some specials/one-offs?
If yes, what type of topics?
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How much of the show do you watch?
For how long are you following us already?
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Would you like to have something special from us as a Patreon reward?
If so, what kind of reward?
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Add anything you want us to know here
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