Pre-Program Assessment
This is a assessment to establish your eligibility for the uVest Advisory Financial Coaching Program. Please answer honestly. Your results will indicate whether the uVest Advisory Financial Coaching Program is a good fit for you.
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Describe your monthly cash flow situation: *
I can barely make it paycheck to paycheck
How confident are you that you can set and achieve medium (6-12 months) and long-term (>12 months) goals? *
Not at all confident
Extremely confident
How confident are you in your ability to stick to a budget? *
Not at all confident
Extremely confident
Have you tried financial budgeting or saving apps? *
How helpful were the financial budgeting or savings apps? *
Not very helpful (or never used one)
Extremely helpful
What expectations do you have for a successful financial coaching program? (e.g. what services do you expect, what outcomes do you expect, etc.) *
What areas of your financial life are you hoping to be coached in? *
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