2021 FAN EXPO Boston Comic Con Staffing Sign-up. Event is September 3-5 this year.
This form is to enter your information for consideration for temporary onsite event workers. All positions are paid. Pay rate, position assignments and hours vary. Actual assignment confirmations with hours to be worked will be made by Tuesday, August 24 2021, about 10 days before the event. ** Submitting this form does not guarantee an assignment.**

There will be simple payroll paperwork onsite including an IRS Form W9 to complete but project payment does not have taxes withheld. Payment is made at the end of the event, or at the end of your final shift. Having worked with us in the past and on a specific assignment does not guarantee a return to that same assignment this year.

Please email us at bostoncomicconstaffing@gmail.com with any questions.
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** READ THIS. INCOMPLETE INFORMATION WILL PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING AN ASSIGNMENT ** Please enter the days and times you CAN work. Event is open to the public FRIDAY 9/3 4-9PM • SATURDAY 9/4 10-7PM • SUNDAY 9/5 10-5PM and we will need staff most of the day, all three days. There are some Wednesday and Thursday prep work projects between 8 AM and 7 PM, with lifting up to 50 pounds at a time on these days. Work days will begin around 8 AM daily so if you can work the FULL DAY please indicate that. IF YOU DO NOT SPECIFICALLY SAY YOU CAN WORK ALL DAY YOU WILL *NOT* BE ASSIGNED TO ANY ALL-DAY ASSIGNMENTS (which pay the most.) We will not schedule you for times you did not indicate so include EVERYTHING at this point. An 8 AM start means you have to be able to arrive EARLY ENOUGH to park your car (or take public transit - note the T runs a weekend schedule on Saturday and Sunday), then you need to get through security, check in at our office and GET TO YOUR ASSIGNED POST BY THAT 8 AM START TIME, not just arriving 'close to the convention center' around 8 AM. There are virtually no short shifts like 8 AM to 12 noon (or Friday arrive at 4PM and leave at 9PM)...so entering that could mean we can't place you . *
Did you work with us on the 2019 event? *
Any special requests or accommodations needed (like working with someone else...)? We can't guarantee these always work out. We will be as flexible as possible on special needs like a no standing position. Please contact us if you have any questions bostoncomicconstaffing@gmail.com
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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