2018-19 Orient Columnist Application
The Orient is hiring columnists for the upcoming year. Columnists should be strong writers who are comfortable using a personal voice.

Columnists contribute on regular basis and write subjectively rather than objectively like a reporter. The position requires bi-weekly contributions, though it does not entail a separate commitment to the Orient.

Columns can take varying forms. They can be opinion or critique-oriented, as traditional op-ed columns are, or can be more expository, for example, structured around telling stories with a particular theme. Columns can focus on topics specific to Bowdoin or discuss more general topics.

The Orient has columns in the Arts and Entertainment, Features, Opinion and Sports sections.

Arts and Entertainment columnists share their unique and personal perspective on arts of any kind. These columns could be structured around cultural or artistic criticism, or perhaps tell a new story about an artist, or a personal artistic experience each week. In the past, we've had columnists who have reviewed books, movies and albums as well as focused on global themes.

Features columnists can explore any topic of interest. They have the most flexibility in terms of content and structure but should generally be more expository and narrative driven than opinion columns. Features columns could, for example, focus on one's experiences getting to know Maine or could focus on personal interests. In the past, we've had columns about living with autism and getting to know local businesses, to name a few.

Opinion columnists (op-ed columnists) write about a topic or range of topics that interest them. Op-ed columns can be about anything, from an activist perspective on issues of race at Bowdoin or commentary on the current national political climate, to discussion of personal experiences through a particular ideological framework. Ultimately, op-ed columns provide the chance to explore issues from a social, political, historical or cultural point of view. In the past, we've had columnists who focused on political issues and others who focused on personal identity at Bowdoin.

Sports columnists write subjectively about anything related to sports. In the past, we've had a column about professional soccer, but would welcome a column about the experiences of athletes at Bowdoin (your own or others), or the role of athletics in college or society.

Columnist applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.

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