Trailhead for Students Community Educator Application
Welcome to the Trailhead for Students Application. We're so excited to have you apply for the Educator Badge and Program.

The Trailhead for Students Educator program provides you an opportunity to share your Salesforce knowledge with students through our academic partners. This program is designed to get you up and running and ready to teach! It's also important to understand that this program is different from the Salesforce Certified Instructor process as we're focused only training students, not professionals. Most of these students do not have the business context or experience of working in CRM, which creates the opportunity to provide them with that knowledge and hands-on experience.

NOTE: Since Salesforce Fundamentals is a very popular course for our students, this is the first available course to teach. Online Admin and other courses to follow later.

Pre-Requirement: Please complete your Salesforce Fundamentals Trailmix + Business Admin Superbadge before applying: To teach, you will also need to have any Salesforce Certification credential.

Process following your Application:
1. You will be approved by our team that you've earned your Educator Badge!
2. You'll receive follow up information to sign up for an online Educator Teach session
3. Once you complete your Educator Teach, we will notify you about joining an Educator Group to teach your first course!

Time Commitment: Teaching Salesforce Fundamentals
* For each 4 week course, you can teach up to 2x in a month (Class is once per week, day/time up to your schedule)
* Initial preparation: 2-4 hours reviewing slides
* Teaching the Course: 2 hours per class x 2
* Total Time: Up to 8 hours per course

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