Sociology & Anthropology

The Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Geography offers a degree in Sociology & Anthropology, with a major concentration in Sociology OR Anthropology, and a minor in Geography. Sociology is the study of large scale social structures (like UTC) and how they impact human behavior. Sociologists investigate and study a wide range of topics including: educational systems, mental health issues, and social relationships. Anthropology is the study of humans in all times and places and the relationship between human biology and culture. It is traditionally divided into four main subfields: cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, archaeology, and linguistic anthropology. The department offers courses in each of these subfields. Students majoring in Sociology & Anthropology learn about the methods used to conduct and carry out social science research and gain valuable insight to cultural diversity which directly relates to an ever increasing global economy and society. This degree program will greatly serve students entering into a competitive job market that interacts with diverse peoples and cultures and will prepare those students interested in graduate level programs.