Aber Suzuki Center Need-Based Scholarship for the 2020 Spring Semester - December 15 Deadline
The American Suzuki Foundation believes that families should have access to Suzuki music education regardless of their current financial circumstances.

American Suzuki Foundation Need-Based Scholarships are awarded each year to help families offset the cost of 20 - 30 minute lessons. These scholarships are not intended to assist in extending lesson time or adding the study of an additional instrument.

Needs Based Scholarship Criteria:

1. A family must intend to enroll at least one child in Suzuki instruction during the semester for which aid is being sought.

2. A family must submit a complete application prior to the deadline to be eligible for a need-based scholarship. This includes turning in a copy of the first page of your 2018 Federal Income Tax Return to the Suzuki office.

3. Family income must be equal to or less than 80% of the Portage County median Income. Under most circumstances, the minimum financial criterion for eligibility for an ASC need-based scholarship is total family income at no more than 80% of the Portage County Median Income Guidelines.

80% Limits for Portage County Median Income

Family Size Income Maximum
2 persons $40,650
3 persons $45,750
4 persons $50,800
5 persons $54,900
6 persons $58,950
7 persons $63,000
8 persons $67,100

For families larger than 8 persons, each additional person in the household adds approximately $4,100 to this maximum.

4. Families who do not fall at or below the 80% CMI threshold may be eligible for Need-Based Scholarships if they can document extenuating circumstances affecting either income or expenses. Examples of extenuating circumstances might include a layoff or job loss, unexpected medical expenses, or changes to personal circumstances such as a divorce.
Need - Based Scholarship Confidentiality
Your application for a Need-Based Scholarship is kept in strictest confidence. No faculty member or American Suzuki Foundation Board member knows what families apply for the scholarship. Once you have applied, your contact information is removed and you are assigned a family number.
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Please email (americansuzukifoundation@gmail.com), fax (715-346-3858) or drop off page 1 of your 2018 Federal Tax Return by December 1, 2019 to be considered for the Need-Based Scholarship. Your scholarship application will not be considered without your 2018 Federal Tax Return.
Thank you for sharing information about your family status. This information will be kept confidential. If your student is selected for a need-based scholarship, you will be contacted by email.
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