Brainchild Festival 2019: Art Installation Proposal Form
Thank you for your interest in proposing an art installation for our festival - we love hearing your ideas and discovering new work. This form is designed to answer your questions about what we're looking for, what you can expect from us, and once you've filled out all the questions it will help us see whether we've got the appropriate spaces for your artworks or ideas.

Deadline for submissions is midnight on Sunday 17th February 2019. All submissions will be responded to no later than two weeks after this deadline. Please email if you have any questions.

A bit about what we’re looking for 🌼
*PLEASE NOTE* we will be updating this section to include more information on our art direction for 2019 after the 22nd January. Nothing that's listed below will change, but we will be adding to it.

Art at Brainchild Festival is intimately intertwined with its infrastructure, from installations which double up as stages, to sculptural seating and innovative shade coverage. Each artwork is brought onsite to transform people’s experience of the festival and the spaces they inhabit there, becoming part of their memories of conversations, dancing and things discovered.

Colour is very important to us at Brainchild because we want every space at the festival to feel vibrant and reflect the creative energy of the programme, but we also love the DIY feel of raw materials such as wood and wire mesh. Everything we install looks and feels handcrafted, made with love and care.

Our programme aims to connect people and prompt interesting conversations and collaborations, so we are always looking at how artworks can be part of this: how they could be involved in performance, be interactive, position people, encourage playfulness, thought or humour.

Please note we accept proposals for existing work or pieces which you wish to modify, this does not necessarily need to be a new concept.

We encourage artists to take on more ambitious ideas for artworks at the festival, and typically the artists who've made work with us before have gone bigger and bolder than ever before. This also means that the projects are challenging. To make these ideas possible, we have a skilled team supporting each artist through extensive development, health and safety assessments and method statements.

This year we will be doing an open call for ideas, but we will also be releasing a series of specific and funded commissions. Please do not worry about applying for these separately, as those who enter the open call will be automatically considered for the commissions. Once the commissions are announced and open for application, please feel free to re-express your interest.

What to expect 👀
- Festival tickets for artists and their helpers (numbers of helpers pre-agreed).
- Help and support in transportation logistics of artworks. Please note, transport cannot be guaranteed in all cases.
- Meals and drinks during the build / break days necessary before and after the festival.
- A pre-agreed project fee for each artwork. Please note this is only a contribution and does not promise to cover all your costs.
- All participating artists will be featured on the Brainchild website and social media platforms, reaching an audience of over 8,000 people.
- Your work will be seen at the festival by at least 2,500 people.
- Each artwork will feature its own plaque stating the artists name, brief outline of the piece and website.
Art development program 🎨
*PLEASE NOTE* this section may be updated slightly after Jan 22nd.

We ask all artists to participate in 4 meet ups throughout the year, in 2018 this consisted of the following.

- One group crit in February, to meet and briefly present to all the other artists taking part.
- One workshop in March to go through what is expected for risk assessments and method statements.
- A social in April with updates on progress.
- A 1:1 session at the end of May / beginning of June between artists and the Brainchild team to go through their risk assessments and final design issues.

The exact dates for these meetings will be communicated within the successful submission email responses.

Artists will be required to produce risk assessments and method statements for their individual pieces, however they will be guided through the process by our production team and provided with templates. We aim to keep this to three rounds of feedback for the completion of these documents, having them ready to submit to the council by the first week of June. This is an important part of the commitment and journey leading up to the festival, and although challenging, is very satisfying once completed.

Set up and take down 🛠
Set up and take down at the festival will be the artist’s responsibility. Set up days are from 8th to 11th July and take down days are from 15th to 17th July. The exact set up and take down dates will be confirmed with each individual artist, as they may differ depending on the scale of the work. Artists who are unable to attend the dates agreed with them may risk having their piece pulled from the programme as we cannot guarantee being able to provide cover.

Brainchild can help to provide volunteers to assist with the install of the project if required (to be prior agreed), and professional technical assistance to help with equipment set-up. We have an amazing network of talented people, so we encourage artists to think big and then we can develop something feasible together.
Help us help the environment 🌍
Brainchild is committed to environmental sustainability. We feel that the artworks at the festival are great opportunities to advocate sustainability and engage people in environmental issues. We therefore encourage artists to research and consider the impact of the materials they choose to use within their pieces, and also to consider the production, installation and disposal of artworks from an environmental perspective. We are also keen to avoid materials and artworks going in the skip where possible, so please think of ideas for the work’s afterlife.
How to apply 📝
Please fill out this proposal form by midnight Sunday 17th February 2019. Do not worry if you wish to develop your idea further beyond this point, this is just a preliminary document.

Along with this form we will require up to 5 images showing us any examples of your most previous work, a visual sketch offering annotations and a rough estimate of dimensions of your chosen art submission. You can give a link to this in the form.

We will confirm artist’s proposals via email within two weeks following the deadline.

Basic Information
Title of the work:
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Artist Name (s):
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Quick biography of you / collective / team: (100 words max)
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Link to website or social media page:
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Contact Number (s):
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Email address (s):
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Please give us a brief description of the piece you wish to show at the festival.
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What would you like this piece add to someone’s experience of the festival? (100 words max)
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Would you be interested in the Brainchild team suggesting a collaboration with you and another artist?
Please give a link to your previous work or annotated sketches here (e.g. Google drive, Dropbox)
(5 images showing us any examples of your most previous work, a visual sketch offering annotations and a rough estimate of dimensions of your chosen art submission)
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If you would prefer to upload these, please do so by uploading to our own Dropbox. Link here ➜
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Where is the artwork being built?
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What would you like to do with the work after the event (storage, waste disposal or take home)?
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How do you expect to construct the work?
Your answer
What previous build experience do you have?
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What is the approx. size and footprint of the work?
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Does it require onsite power to build or run?
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What lighting does the piece require at night (if any)?
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What are the foreseeable challenges of this work?
Your answer
Do you have previous experience of filling out H&S forms? If so, please can you give an example of where you have used these?
Your answer
Are you interested in being considered for interdisciplinary collaboration with other elements of our programme?
Your answer
Is there anything else you would like to comment on or tell us that you haven't mentioned above?
Your answer
Thank you for submitting! If you have other questions, please email us at or check the FAQ's section of our website.
To give you a good sense of what's happened so far, here are some examples of previous work created in previous years. As you can see submissions range from architectural structures, to installations, seating and illustration...
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