Registration #FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike
This is the registration page for FridaysForFuture (FFF). If you are organizing an event (strike, demonstration, ...) in support for the FridaysForFuture movement, and you would like the world to know about it, you have come to the right place.

The registration has three sections:
1. This first section is about us (FFF) being able to reach you
2. The second section (optional) is about you as a spokesperson, and media being able to reach you
3. The third section is about the event you are registering

If you need to change any information after you have registered, just register again.

Section One: Tell us (FFF) about yourself.
Email address *
Your name *
Registration Consent *
Section Two: Are you a spokesperson?
How much interaction with the rest of the world would you like to have. If you do not wish to be a spokesperson, only FFF will contact you. If you volunteer to be a media spokesperson, we may give your contact details to media representatives. if you volunteer to be a public organizer, your contact details may be shared on the internet etc. This is often useful to fellow event participants, but may also give unwanted calls or correspondence.
Spokesperson Consent *
Organization that you represent (optional)
Phone number in international format (optional)
Notes (optional)
Section three: About the Event
Tell the world about the event. We will the publish the information in this section on the web, in maps, on social and reporters from traditional media.
Event Type *
Country *
Town *
Address *
Link to event (URL), e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, web
Frequency (Weekly events need to be re-registered at least every 3 months) *
Date *
Time *
Number of people
Event Consent *
Thank you for joining the FridaysForFuture movement.
Need to change something? Just REREGISTER, the old one will be disreguarded.

We will add your strike to the map within 48 hours.
Thank you for you work and patience,
Fridays For Future team.
Please come and find us on:
twitter: fridays4future
instagram: fridaysforfuture
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