Confirmation Preparation - Year 2
October Reflection
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When you receive the sacrament of Confirmation you will be strengthened in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. There are seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. Read about the gift of Wisdom below. Then write a two paragraph reflection (at least 5 sentences per paragraph).
Wisdom… is like a special pair of glasses; it’s the gift we need to see reality properly. Wisdom is the opposite of narrow-mindedness. Without wisdom we tend to see only from our own perspective, from our own point of view. Wisdom gives us the distance we need to see situations and problems as they really are, to see how things look from God’s point of view.
Wisdom helps us to straighten out our priorities, to put first things first, to know what is important and what is not. Wisdom helps us not to get upset over little problems, not to put too much stock in passing events. We need the gift of wisdom to remember that people are more important than things or issues or ideologies and that God’s love is more important than everything else. We usually associate the gift of wisdom with old people because living a long life tends to give a person a broad perspective. But young people can also be wise. When a young person has wisdom, people say they are “wise beyond their years.”
Do you feel that you have the gift of Wisdom? Why or why not?
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