Release Sheet
Please answer all questions below so that your song has all the correct information upon the release.
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What is your full name?
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What is your e-mail address?
It's very important that you provide an e-mail address that you have access to daily. We will be sending you highly exclusive information upon the release.
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Who is the main artist?
What is the name of the artist/band you are submitting? (e.g. 'Justin Bieber').
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Where are you based?
Where are you located on a regular basis? (NOT where the artist is based) (e.g. 'Stockholm, Sweden')
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What is the name of all members in your act?
Write down the full name of every member that is included in your band.
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Have you submitted your song?
If you have already uploaded/submitted your song to your contact person at Paralife Music, please tick ”Yes” on the box. If you have not submitted your track already, please do so before proceeding any further here.
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