ClipClip Survey 2021
Hello, ClipClip user! 🤓

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to assist the ClipClip team.
We'll use the information from this survey to learn more about YOUR experience with our product.

We are truly appreciative of your time. If you have any questions about this survey or other things regarding ClipClip, visit us at:
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What task or work related problem does a clipboard manager help you solve? *
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What other productivity tools do you use? *
List your go to applications that you use on a day to day basis.
What other business or work related tasks are you currently doing manually? *
Think of those annoying repeated tasks that we could look into and add as features for ClipClip.
How often do you use these ClipClip features: *
Paste Menu
Screen Capture (images)
Screen Capture (video)
Gif Recorder
Text Actions
HTML Actions
Image Actions (OCR)
Sync with a cloud service
Custom Hotkeys
In-App Image editor
In-App Text Editor
Latest Clips
Saved Clips
Pinned Clips
Rate the following based on your experience using ClipClip *
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Very Good
Ease of use
Layout of the Interface
Install & Set-up process
Customer Support
What do you like most about the application? *
What do you like least about the application? *
If you could add any feature to make your job/task easier, what would that feature be? *
This is your chance to tell us of any ideas you may have
If you could integrate ClipClip to another application or service what would that be? *
What are other applications that you wish ClipClip integrated with to further simplify your day to day tasks?
If ClipClip started a premium subscription, how likely is it that you'll upgrade? *
How much would you be willing to pay for a ClipClip premium subscription? *
What is your professional role? *
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