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Welcome to our application process for The Collective for Creators.
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Membership Guidelines:
When you complete this form, you will hear back within 72 business hours on your application.

To create a cohesive container based on co-creation and collaboration, members must:

1. Be an established business owner of a minimum of three years.

2. Support the values of our organization: Contribution, Collaboration, Community. We actively support social and racial justice, womxn, and actively commit to dismantling oppressive systems so EVERYONE, including BIPOC and LGTBQ+, can thrive.

3. Understand and support that the give-back portion of our annual contribution will have a focus on women-owned businesses, including self-identified women, and non-binary people, with an emphasis on BIPOC and LGTBQ+ businesses.

4. Understand this is a 12-month membership with the following pricing:
US, Mexico and Europe: $100 USD per month or $1,200 for the year
Global Pricing* (Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc): $80 USD per month or $960 for the year
*This rate is based on where you have legal residency AND the currency you accept payments. For example if you live in Canada, but you accept payments for your business in USD then you pay the USD rate.

When you become a member, your membership rate will stay the rate at the time you activated your membership

A minimum of 25% of your membership goes into the Contribution fund. The more members there are, the higher percentage of the monthly dues go to the fund with the goal being at least 50% of the member dues going to the contribution fund.

5. Understand that as an active member, you will have the opportunity to vote on the projects and businesses that receive support from our Collective contribution fund. The first vote for such projects is tentative for Fall 2021.
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Application Part 2: Describe your business (what you offer and who your ideal customers are)
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Application Part 3: Tell us about you
How do tools and principles, like Law of Attraction, meditation, personal development, etc. play a role in business? *
Share your personal and business values and how they play a role in your business: *
What are you hoping to experience in The Collective? What are you hoping to receive from your participation? *
We believe that everyone has unique qualities and zone of genius to contribute to each other, which benefits the collective and our global ripple effect. Share what your superpowers (zones of genius) are: *
What are the projects and business endeavors that really light you up? What would you really like to create beyond your existing business? (This is where you can share the big vision you have for what you would like to create and/or be a part of in the world. Do you have a dream of opening a retreat center? Or being a part of an organization that actively targets human trafficking? Etc.) *
What excites you the most about being a part of a community like this? *
Are you willing to commit to participating for a year? *
In The Collective, we're looking for people who are connectors. Additionally, so we can dedicate more funds to our contribution fund, we want to keep our marketing costs low. One way we can do both of these things is to have members share The Collective with entrepreneurs who would be a great addition to this community. While it's not mandatory, are you willing to share The Collective for Creators with at least one other entrepreneur you feel would be a fantastic addition to our community? *
Is there anything else you would like to be considered with your membership application? *
By submitting this application, I understand that I am not obligated to be a member. Additionally, if my membership is accepted, I'll be sent a link to make my payment within five (5) days of acceptance. If after the five days I have not made my payment, my spot will be closed and I can apply again in the next enrollment period. *
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