Audition form - Snow White
This is a form to complete for anyone who is interested in getting involved in the ECC's 2018 production of Snow White. You can fill it in before the audition or in person on the day.
Name (e.g. John SMITH): *
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Contact email address (parent/guardian if under 18): *
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Contact phone number (mobile preferred): *
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Age (if under 25):
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Are you available from 16-21 January for the performances? *
What dates are you not available for rehearsal between 24 September and 20 January (please include your expected absences at Hallowe'en and Christmas)? *
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Are you willing to sing onstage? *
What on-stage roles would you be interested in?
What off-stage roles would you (or your parents) be interested in?
What experience in theatre do you have (if any)?
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Do you have any special skills that could be useful on or off stage?
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Being part of a theatre performance requires commitment from everyone in the team to make sure that we provide a fun experience for all involved, as well as our audience. For under-18s, the parent is expected to commit to this as well as the child.
Children's rehearsals will take place on Sunday mornings. Adult rehearsals will be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The rehearsal schedule will take into account known absences but we expect good attendance for those which you are called for.
If, for a significant reason, you are unable to attend a rehearsal, you will be expected to inform us as soon as possible.
You need to arrive at rehearsals on-time and ready to perform, to listen carefully to instructions, to learn lines, to practice at home, and to have a cheery smile at all times.
Do you accept these commitments? *
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