HCIBS Estate Defect Form (BM / Guest)
Please note that this form is only meant for Boarding Mentor / Guests.
请注意, 这表格只限于舍监或客房住户使用。

Important notes:

1. For collation of jobs to the relevant contractor(s), the cut-off time will be scheduled at 11pm (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday)
汇集工作截止时间将限制在星期二, 星期四和星期天的晚间十一点。

2. For any other matters or enquires please contact:
John (johnoh@hci.edu.sg) / Gerald (quekjs@hci.edu.sg)
如果有任何疑问, 请联系 John (johnoh@hci.edu.sg) 或 Gerald (quekjs@hci.edu.sg)
Hall *
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Guest Room (客房)
Guest Room use only. (只限定客房住户使用)
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Contact Number *
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Defect 1 Details
(Defect 1) Location *
(故障一位置) For Guest Room: Select Master Bedroom / Common Toilet
(Defect 1) Type of defect *
(Defect 1) Description *
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Defect 2 Details
(Defect 2) Location
(故障二位置) For Guest Room: Select Master Bedroom / Common Toilet
(Defect 2) Type of defect
(Defect 2) Description
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Timing Preferred
I hereby consent to allow the contractor(s) to enter my unit for repair in my absent *
Preferred Timing (首选时间)
if the above is "Yes", please leave this portion blank (如果以上答案是同意, 请留这部分空白)
Monday (星期一)
Tuesday (星期二)
Wednesday (星期三)
Thursday (星期四)
Friday (星期五)
2pm (下午两点)
3pm (下午三点)
4pm (下午四点)
5pm (下午五点)
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Disclaimer: Boarding school will try our best to fit your requested preferred timing
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