Boise District BLM is sponsoring UTVO (Utility Terrain Vehicle Operator) Training. UTV, is a motorized vehicle designed for off-road use & capable of maneuvering over uneven terrain. UTV’s come in 2, 4, or 6 wheel drive; they have a steering wheel, 4 - 6 low pressure tires, hand grips for passenger/s, and the capacity to carry an operator and 1 - 6 passengers in side by side seating equipped with seatbelts.

The following form will be used for enrollment in the specific training, collect participant information for correspondence, roster generation and also provide an accurate number of personnel who wish to participate.

LOCATION: TBD (Once a site has been determined that information will be emailed out to participants.)

If possible please bring the vehicle that you will be operating in the field
REQUIRED: PPE (Helmet, Long Pants, Long Sleeve Shirt, Gloves, Boots, and Eye Protection). If you are unable to bring a helmet let Leigh Ann Hislop know at lhislop@blm.gov and one could possibly be provided.

•There is a class size limit to the amount of UTVs we have available (3 folks/UTV or less is ideal)
•Class should be wrapped up around 1400

IMPORTANT: If you are a new rider, the DOI Learn course Introduction to Basic Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) Operation, MUST be completed prior to the field exercises. You MUST bring your certificate of completion with you for the instructor to verify.

For those already certified, 16 hours of documented riding must be completed or you can complete an annual check-ride to keep current.

For CANCELLATIONS or DATE CHANGES: Call or email Leigh Ann Hislop at lhislop@blm.gov or 384.3403

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