Lease Guarantee
Greenbaum Rentals Inc.
17 Hallock Street Amherst, MA 01002
(413) 253-1000
Fax (413) 253-8904
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Applicant Name (tenant)
Applicant Rental Address (tenant)
Rental Unit Number
Guarantor's Name:
Guarantor's Relationship to Applicant:
Guarantor's Address:
Guarantor's Email
Guarantor's Phone Number
Guarantor's Employment
Employment Phone Number and Address
Position, How Long, Approx. Income:
By signing this form, guarantor agrees to have a credit and/or reference check undertaken. I, the undersigned, hereby agree to be responsible for the performance of the terms and conditions of the lease agreement for the premises located at _______ (address), commencing on _____ (date).
I further agree to be responsible for the performance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement in the event of default by: ______
I specifically agree to pay for any rent owed under the lease, or for use and occupancy, and to be responsible for payment of repairs that result from damage to the apartment or to any common area for which the lessee could be held liable. The guarantee includes repairs or damages caused to the landlord’s property caused by the lessee, his/her guests, relatives, or others under the control of or on the premises with the consent of the lessee. Reasonable wear and tear is excluded. Guarantor Signature and Date:
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