Neighborhood Street Trees
Please submit this survey by OCTOBER 15, 2018

How do our individual views add up?

Thank you for participating our street tree survey.

Your response will help us develop a community-supported plan for Eastmoreland’s several thousand street trees. The Tree Committee is working on a long-range plan that reflects the values and opinions of our Eastmoreland neighbors, as well as city policy that values the critical role street trees play in maintaining a healthy urban forest. 

Please fill the survey out to the best of your knowledge (without research). All opinions and feedback are welcome. Each adult living within the Eastmoreland neighborhood is welcome to participate. At the end of the survey, you may indicate how many surveys have been returned from your household.

Thank you for your participation!
Eastmoreland Tree Committee Survey crafters: Matt McGraw, Carlotta Richard, and Catherine Mushel.

1. Are the street trees a distinguishing feature of Eastmoreland?
2. Has someone planted street trees on your block in the last 10 years?
3. Do you notice the places where street trees are missing in Eastmoreland?
4. Do you value having street trees that are taller than the houses?
5. Do you value a particular kind of tree?
6. If so, please name ONE tree that comes to mind:
Your answer
7. Do you walk in the neighborhood on a regular basis?
8. Is a permit required to plant or remove a street tree?
9. When is a permit required to prune a street tree? Check as many as you believe correct.
10. Please choose the main reason you might not maintain your street trees:
11. Do you know what it means to plant the right tree in the right place?
12. Did you know that a new tree requires deep watering during the growing season for several years?
13. Do you make sure leaves are removed from the street before they become a hazard?
14. Which top *one or two* of these practical street tree contributions to the urban forest are important to you?
15. Which top *one or two* of these aesthetic street tree contributions to the urban forest are important to you?
16. Please choose the top *one or two* main reasons you wouldn’t plant a street tree.
17. Can you name different kinds of trees from memory, e.g., maple, fir?
18. Are you aware of Dutch Elm disease, the Emerald Ash Borer, or the Asian Longhorn Beetle?
19. Have you ever attended a workshop to learn proper pruning?
20. Do you know where to obtain proper tree planting, maintenance, and removal information?
If yes, please state ONE reputable source:
Your answer
21. Do you know where to obtain up-to-date information about every Eastmoreland street tree?
22. How long have you lived in or owned property in the neighborhood?
23. How many people live in your household?
24. Your Age:
25. Do you have any comments or concerns about the Eastmoreland urban forest?
Your answer
26. If your household is returning more than one adult member’s survey, please note on each additional copy that it is the second, third, or fourth copy from one household.
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