Potential Investor Questionnaire
This short form was created to assist in tracking investor interest level in multifamily investment opportunities. Your submission does not bind you in any way. Full details on the investment including a business plan, PPM, subscription, and operating agreement will be disclosed prior to any request for any commitments.
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I am an active Lifestyles Unlimited PIG member in good standing. *
I have fully completed the Lifestyles Unlimited Core and Passive Investor training, and obtained by Passive Investor Certificate. *
What are your primary investment objectives? *
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How much will you be investing in a multifamily opportunity? (minimum 50K) *
Are you an Accredited Investor? *For details please visit the SEC website to see the definition of an accredited investor: https://www.investor.gov/additional-resources/news-alerts/alerts-bulletins/updated-investor-bulletin-accredited-investors *
I am interested in being considered as a KP? We typically set aside a small amount of our override to give KPs an extra return for signing on the note. In other words, as a KP you can get greater returns. *
If you answered yes to being considered as a KP, what is your approximate net worth?
If you answered yes to being considered as a KP, what is the value of your liquid assets? This is the amount of assets in cash, stocks, or bonds or anything else that can be easily and without penalty converted to cash. Please exclude retirement accounts unless you are already able to withdraw them without penalty.
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