EFT Chinese Core Skills 1 & 2 Training Registration Form 中文情緒取向治療核心技巧培訓一/二報名表
ICEEFT certified Online Emotionally Focused Therapy Core Skills Training 1 & 2 (Cantonese / Mandarin, total of 24 hours): June 15-18, 2020
ICEEFT認證情緒取向治療核心技巧一、二線上培訓 (粵/國語): 2020年 6月15日至18日
Monday to Thursday: 12:00 to 7:00 pm (Toronto Time) (9:00 am to 4:00 pm Vancouver Time)
星期一至四: 中午十二點至下午七點
Information: www.gracehealthcentre.ca/counselling (under what's new)
Enquiry/ Contact: efttorontotraining@gmail.com
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I have the educational training, qualifications, and professional credentials to practice as a mental health professional or pastoral counsellor or I am in a training program or supervised practice to become a mental health professional or pastoral counsellor. 我擁有心理健康專業人士或教牧輔導的教育,培訓和專業資格或者我在成為心理健康專業人士或牧師輔導的培訓計劃或督導過程中. *
I agree to keep confidential the personal identifying information of case material shared in the training. 我同意保密培訓中的案例的個人資料. *
I have completed the 4 day EFT Externship (please provide date and location) or equivalent EFT studies (please describe) 我已經完成了為期4天的情緒取向治療初階培訓課程實習(請寫下日期和地點)或同等的情緒取向治療的學習(請描述). *
I understand that I am required to present a 15-20 minute video of my work with a couple or family at one of the modules in order for this training to count towards my EFT certification. I understand if I don't present a case, I will have to make it up in a supervision group with a trainer or supervisor at a later date at my cost. 我知道我必須在其中一天分享我使用情緒取向伴侶或家庭治療15-20分鐘的視頻,才能用該培訓作情緒取向治療認證的一部分. 如果我現在沒有分享情緒取向伴侶或家庭治療的視頻案例,我可以將來在督導小組中分享,但其費用由我承擔。 *
The training will be recorded on video for ICEEFT archive and records. Parts may be used for EFT training if all the participants agree. I agree to having the training recorded for archive purposes and the content may be used for promotion or articles in newsletters (practical tips, questions and answers) with identifying information removed. I acknowledge that I and other participants will need to provide further verbal or written consent in order for certain parts to be used in EFT trainings. 培訓的錄影會成為ICEEFT的記錄. 如果所有參與者都同意,可以將部分用於EFT培訓. 我同意讓培訓的錄影作ICEEFT的記錄,並且刪除個人資料後,內容可用於EFT推廣或通訊中(實用技巧,問題解答,個案分析). 我承認我和其他參與者都需要提供進一步的口頭或書面的同意,才允許在EFT培訓中使用某些部分. *
Investment in tuition for ICEEFT certified Core Skills Training 1 &2 參加ICEEFT認證的核心技巧培訓一/二的投資 *
Payment 付款 *
Cheque Number and Bank 支票號碼及銀行名稱
Please send cheque to: Dr. T.Y. Wong MPC, 2830 Keele St., Suite 402, North York, ONTARIO M3M3E5 Question/comment 問題/意見:
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