Writing - Parental Questionnaire for School Self-Evaluation
The following questions relate to creating written content, e.g. writing stories, lists, reports etc. rather than the process of writing i.e. we are NOT referring to handwriting.
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your feedback will be used to inform the school self-evaluation process
What class is your daughter in? (If you have more than one daughter attending the school, please complete a questionnaire for each child) *
How does your daughter feel about writing (creating written content - NOT actual handwriting)? *
Is she motivated to write? *
Do you encourage writing at home? *
When she writes, does she...? *
Does she read her stories / written pieces to you? *
Does she keep a diary? *
Does she write lists at home? e.g. shopping lists / to do lists etc. *
Does she have a penpal? *
What does she find difficult when writing? *
Does she use a dictionary when writing? *
Please provide any comments / observations / feedback on your child's engagement with writing
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