Tam District Science Course Proposal - Parent and Community Feedback
California has new science standards (NGSS) that require ALL students to learn the topics of Biology, Earth Science, Physics and Chemistry. To meet this expectation, the Tam District Science Task Force is proposing to phase out Integrated Science and introduce a new 3-year course sequence.

This new course PROPOSAL will start in the fall of 2018, impacting the class of 2022. This proposal will not impact the classes of 2018-2021.
- Year 1: Physics, Earth and Space Sciences
- Year 2: Biology and Earth Sciences
- Year 3: Chemistry and Earth Sciences

All courses will have a focus on hands-on activities, engineering and modeling practices, and real-world connections and applications. Students wanting to advance may "double-up" their required courses or with existing electives as early as Year 2.

Some BENEFITS of this proposal:
• ALL students get ALL sciences with focus on hands-on, real-world connections.
• ALL three years of required science meet UC/CSU entrance requirements.
• ALL existing science electives will continue to be offered.

This proposal was created by Tam District Science teachers, after extensive investigation, conversation, and professional development. The NGSS standards are required, and all districts across the state are making similar shifts. This course sequence is likely to be the most commonly adopted course model at the high school level, across the state of California.

***Please provide your honest and constructive feedback about this proposal. Responses are anonymous.***

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