Herman's Garden Seed Donation Program
Each year, Seed Savers Exchange donates the previous year's unsold seeds to charitable organizations through our Herman's Garden Seed Donation Program. To qualify for a Herman's Garden seed donation, an organization must be a nonprofit or have a nonprofit umbrella sponsorship and have a shipping address within the United States. Neither seeds nor resulting produce from a Herman's Garden seed donation may be sold, raffled, or given in exchange for money or donation, including for fundraising events. Herman's Garden volunteers pre-pack the donation boxes with 50 seed packets, each a different variety. Recipients do not choose specific varieties, but will receive a wide selection of seed varieties. Organizations may not apply for more than one Herman's Garden seed donation every twelve months. There will be a $15 shipping and handling charge for each donation.
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If your organization is not a nonprofit, you may obtain permission from an established nonprofit to act as an umbrella organization and enter their EIN here. Examples of umbrella organizations may include a city, school, church, chamber of commerce, etc. Enter numbers only - do not include spaces or hyphens.
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I understand there will be a $15 fee for my donation, helping to offset shipping & handling. I understand seeds and resulting produce from Herman's Garden seed donations may not be sold, including as a fundraiser. I declare that my organization has not applied for a Herman's Garden seed donation in the past twelve months. I declare all answers above to be true. *
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