Launch NOLA Green Application
Welcome to the Second Part of the Launch NOLA Green Application Process. We're excited that you're here.

Starting and growing a business is extraordinarily hard, and we have a great deal of respect for those like you who are grinding day-in and day-out to start something new and/or take your business to the next level. This is also why we are committed to doing all that we can to support business owners through Launch NOLA Green. We strive to go all-in for New Orleans entrepreneurs because they go all-in each and every day.

That said, we want to hear more about you and your business. We recognize that the Launch NOLA Green is both a big commitment and is not the right fit for all businesses. This application helps us determine whether or not Launch NOLA Green is the right fit at this time for you and your business.

The best applications are thorough, yet concise.

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How does your business make money? (200 character limit) *
Or, if you haven't yet launched, how will your business make money?
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Or put differently, what is the problem you solve for your customer(s)?
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If you don't know the exact numbers, list the types of expenses your business will have
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What makes you the right person to start/run this business? *
Please share about a time you faced a challenge in work or life. How did you overcome it? *
Optional: Share something fun/interesting about yourself. (hobbies, interests, what makes you come alive, what are you passionate about etc.) This wont be used for screening purposes, we're just humans and enjoy learning more about the people we serve!
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