DATE: Saturday, May 9th, 2020
TIME: Noon - 5pm
WHERE: State Line Distilling, Working Draft Brewing, Giant Jones Brewing, Old Sugar Distillery, Bos Meadery, The Brink Lounge and High Noon Saloon.

I am very excited to be able to include a new venue- State Line Distilling! As many of you know, State Line is a relatively new distillery to the Madison area and are quickly gathering a good name for themselves.
We are thrilled to be able to include this location as it is not only becoming a popular local institution, but they are responsible for adding 10 MORE BOOTHS to our awesome little show!

I am also going to add another shuttle to the free service that we extend to customers! The goal of this is twofold: This will close the gap between State Line and other locations, and ensure more regular service- Waiting times should be closer to 15-20 minutes now!
Additionally, I am going to expand advertising for this and future markets- attendance has been great, we've enjoyed a lot of traffic and patronage, but more is always better and I am going to more web and print ads than ever before.
This does mean that booth fees will have to increase a little, but not by too much- Affordability is key to inclusivity, and that's what we're about here!

This application is open to handmade makers and crafters. Fair trade vendors and curated vintage vendors considered. This event does NOT include MLM or Direct Sales vendors.

The goal is to have a diverse offering of products with a solid mix of established vendors and new-to-the-scene vendors. It's also a goal to keep from over saturating any one category. Our last market had over 160 applications but only 95 spots open, so unfortunately we are not able to include everyone.

The booth fees vary between $45-$75 depending on location and booth size.

- State Line Distilling 4ft Table ............ $45
- State Line Distilling (6x5) .................. $50
- State Line Distilling (8x5)................... $60

- Working Draft Brewing (6x5 indoor) ...$50
- Working Draft Brewing (8x5 outdoor) $50

- Giant Jones Brewing (8x5) .................$60
- Old Sugar Distillery (8x5) ...................$60
- Bos Meadery (8x5) .............................$60
- High Noon Saloon (8x5) .....................$60

- The Brink Lounge 4ft Table ................$45
- The Brink Lounge (8x5) ......................$60
- The Brink Lounge (8x8) ......................$75

A Note About the Locations:
Based off of sales information provided from the venues from our previous markets, each location seems to be having similar traffic.
STATE LINE is of course new, so no data other than what people have said about other shows, which is positive.
WORKING DRAFT is a new outlet in general and reportedly had a lot of foot traffic and enjoys a lot of light.
GIANT JONES is a regular venue now, and being popular and close to the middle of the route enjoys a lot of traffic and while not much natural light is present, the venue is very bright and well-lit.
OLD SUGAR DISTILLERY is of course very popular and a decent size. lots of natural light, food snacks and drinks from the bar- generally busy throughout the day.
BOS MEADERY is letting us add more booths going forward, which should add to it's already good reputation of steady foot traffic and regular customers. Lighting is adequate for most, but consider bringing additional lights if you need your products to sparkle.
HIGH NOON SALOON is a legacy location, and we have made extensive efforts to improve its visibility and traffic- I'm writing this ahead of the Valentine's Market, but I'm optimistic that the effect with be a great improvement on an already popular location. Fairly dark though, and you will want extra lighting if you're in that space.
THE BRINK LOUNGE can be dark as well in places, but is the largest location with the most vendors and generally considered to be one of the busiest. We will not be using the back room for this show.

Each location is handicap accessible either by ramp or elevator.


Once accepted into the show you may pay your booth fee via PayPal or check by mail, no later than Friday, April 10th.

PLEASE NOW: I am restating this because this is very important to remember --
It is our goal to have a diverse mix of vendors. With each market we try and have 60-70% of our vendors as returning vendors, 25-35% of our vendors as new to the market, and the remaining vendors completely new to the scene, with this being their first show. We also try to limit only 2-3 vendors per category, with the exception of jewelry and paper, which are extremely popular and diverse categories.

IF YOU ARE A RETURNING VENDOR: You are likely familiar with the fact that I like to include vendors who are new to the show or just starting off in general- If you wouldn't mind sharing your interest or participation in the show with other vendors you know, it would mean a great deal to them and me.

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