Return to School Survey
Hello Plato Families! We ask that you complete the survey below as we plan our return to school initiatives. We look forward to seeing all of our students on Monday, August 30th.
Guardian's Name *
Relationship to Student(s) *
Name(s) of Student(s) *
Please list all enrolled students and separate each name with a comma (ie. Charles Williams, Rodney Quinn)
Grade(s) of Student(s) *
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Has any of your contact information changed? *
If you answered yes, please provide your updated contact information.
Do you know that students will be starting early next year? The first day of school is Monday, August 30th. *
Will your student(s) be in attendance on the first day of school? *
If you did not answer yes, please explain why your student(s) will not be in attendance on the first day of school.
Is there anything that you or your family need to support your return to school? *
Do you need assistance finding a vaccination center for you and your qualifying children? *
Do you have any concerns about your child/children returning to school in the fall? *
Are you interested in having your student(s) participating in Fall Enrichment Programs? *
Are you interested in joining us for one of our upcoming STEM Community Days on August 6th or August 20th? *
Do you have any other questions?
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