MEP - 2021 Expression of Interest
This form is intended to register you interest to participate into the Musical Ensembles Program at RSBC for 2021. Please be complete and accurate.

You can get more details about the MEP program at - including the rehearsal calendar:
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Parent/Carer name *
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What is/are your CORE ensemble(s) (you need to have at least 1 core ensemble to participate in the program ; *** are the default options for new students) *
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Main Instrument *
Number of years studied - main instrument *
Tutor name and number/email - main instrument (students are REQUIRED to have regular private lessons while involved in the MEP) *
Other Instrument(s)
If participating in Rock Band - Do you want to form a band with specific friends - if so put their name(s) there
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I understand that participation in the Music Ensembles Program requires that I attend all rehearsals and performances during the year. I understand that missing rehearsals without giving explanation may result in being excluded from future MEP activities, at the discretion of the MEP director. *
I understand that the details provided will be shared with MEP ensemble tutors and members of the MEP committee. The email address and phone number provided will be used for updates and other communications about the MEP program. *
The MEP is a Rose Bay Secondary College extracurricular program and as such must comply with the requirements from the Department of Education. The MEP program will follow school and Department orders regarding safety including (for instance) disinfection procedures, attendance records, restrictions in the number of participants per room, and possibly transferring to online delivery. By ticking this box I confirm my commitment to participate in the MEP activities if such circumstances were to happen in 2021. *
The MEP is an extracurricular program, funded by the payment of participation fees. These fees are detailed here : . The MEP fees will be invoiced by the school separately from the school fees - and must be paid by the due date indicated on the invoice. *
I agree that my child may appear on pictures taken during MEP events, that can be posted on the school or MEP website, newsletter or social media. *
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