Welcome to the Muslim Organizing Survey!
We're a national network of Muslims in the US from diverse professional, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds with exciting news: we're building our power as Muslims, and Bernie is our vehicle!

The purpose of this survey is to help Muslims for Bernie start building our grassroots teams across the country. Information gathered here will be shared with the Bernie 2020 campaign. This will help us organize and defeat Trump!

It's quick! Let's get started!
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You don't have to be decided to help us build our movement! We'll explain why later :)
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Which issues are most important to you? What do you think Muslims in the US should care more about?
Select all that apply
Workers' rights including a livable $15 minimum wage and a union
Affordable housing
Racial justice
Combating climate change and passing a Green New Deal
A just immigration policy
Disability rights
Foreign Policy
Women's rights
Free College and tackling the student debt crisis
Restoring our democracy by expanding voting rights and getting big money out of politics
Gun violence prevention
Improving rural economies
LGBTQ rights
Making the wealthy, large corporations, and Wall Street pay their fair share in taxes
Medicare for All and eliminating the high cost of prescription drugs
Caring for our veterans
Defeating Trump
Wall street reform
Empowering tribal nations
High-quality public education and universal child care and pre-kindergarten
Criminal justice reform
Creating jobs and an economy that works for all of us and passing a federal job guarantee
Protecting and expanding Social Security
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