Dickson Representatives
Democracy requires that voters tell their elected representatives how to vote on legislation.

Dickson Representatives is a network for Dickson voters to mange how they inform the member for Dickson of their individual & collective Will on every parliamentary vote.

You can use this form to:

1. Register as a Dickson voter to vote directly or by proxy on parliamentary votes

2. Select a Dickson Representative to carry your proxy vote.

3. Nominate yourself as a Dickson Representative.
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It's a fact that many people do not have the time, interest, knowledge or inclination to vote on every piece of legislation that comes before parliament. For these voter's to be counted they need to be able to select a community representative to assign their vote to ( proxy vote ) so the rep can vote on their behalf.

To offer yourself as a community representative all you need to do is verify that you are registered to vote in Dickson. And to provide some additional information about yourself so voters can select a representative who is local to them and that they feel is most likely to represent their overall political positions. Obviously you will need to have the time to be able to understand the legislation you will be voting on, to engage with those who you represent and to be involved with the debates on the legislation ( online and/or physical meetings ).

Once you have decided you want to be a community representative a Google Sites web page will be created for you that you can personally set up and maintain. This is quite simple to do but for anybody who is unsure of how to do this we will provide initial setup training & technical support to maintain this site.
I offer myself as a Community Representative and declare that I'll faithfully represent the individual & collective Will of the voters who select me to represent them. *
*If you select Yes then your name will appear in the 'Representation' dropdown list below after you have submitted this form.
By submitting this form declaring myself a representative I agree: to protect to the best of my ability the personal information entrusted to me by those I represent, to only use that personal information for the benefit of the owner of that information and to not knowingly misrepresent, mislead or deceive *
If you are representing yourself then select 'Self' from the dropdown list. Note if you self represent you will have to vote on all legislation coming before parliament.

If you wish that a representative votes on your behalf using your proxy vote then select a representative from the dropdown list to assign your proxy vote to them. You can still vote directly on any individual piece of legislation. If you do so then your representative cannot use your proxy for that vote.
Select a Dickson Representative *
Rep to inform me when they vote with my proxy *
If you are representing your 'Self' OR don't want to be bothered everytime your Rep votes on a Bill then select 'No'. If you select 'Yes' to this question then every time your chosen Representative votes using your proxy they will notify you of how they voted on your behalf. If you don't agree with how they voted then contact your Rep and ask them for the Google Form link to the Bill so you can vote on it yourself.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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