Dickson Representatives
For Democracy to work it requires that voters tell their elected representatives how to vote on legislation.

The Dickson Representatives is a network for Dickson voters to mange how they inform the member for Dickson of their individual & collective Will on every parliamentary vote.

You can use this form to:

1. Register as a Dickson voter to vote directly or by proxy on parliamentary votes
2. Select a Dickson Representative to carry your proxy vote.
3. Nominate yourself as a Dickson Representative.
4. Nominate yourself as a Candidate for the Federal Electorate of Dickson
5. Nominate a Candidate to appear on the Ballot Paper
6. Pledge a donation for your Nominated Candidate's Nomination Deposit

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It's a fact that many people do not have the time, interest, knowledge or inclination to vote on every Bill that comes before parliament. For these voter's to be counted they need to be able to select a Community Representative to assign their vote to ( proxy vote ) so the Rep can vote on their behalf.

To offer yourself as a Community Representative all you need to do is verify that you are registered to vote in Dickson. And  provide some additional information about yourself so voters can select a representative who is local to them and that they feel is most likely to represent their political views. Obviously you will need to have the time to be able to understand the legislation you will be voting on, to engage with those who you represent and to be involved with the debates on the Bills ( online and/or physical meetings ).

If you have a website we offer to add it to the Dickson Reps website under Representatives. If you don't have a website and would like one the Dickson Reps will create a Google Sites web page for you that only you will have control of once setup.

Community Representative Pledge - I offer myself as a Community Representative and declare that I'll faithfully represent the individual & collective Will of the voters who select me to represent them.
1. If you select YES then you will appear as a Community Representative in the Dickson Reps, Repsentatives list.
2. And you will appear in the 'Representation' dropdown list below for other Dickson voters to select you as their community Rep.
Community Representative Nomination
If you wish that a community Rep votes on your behalf using your proxy vote then select a representative from the dropdown list to assign your proxy vote to.

However, if you are representing yourself then you must select 'Self' from the dropdown list.

Note that even if you have selected a community Rep then you can still vote directly on any individual Bill. If you choose to vote on a Bill directly then your Community Rep cannot use your proxy to vote on that Bill.
Select a Dickson Representative *
Rep to inform me when they vote with my proxy *
If you are representing your 'Self' OR don't want to be bothered everytime your Rep votes on a Bill then select 'No'. If you select 'Yes' then every time your chosen Community Rep votes using your proxy they will notify you of how they voted on your behalf. If you don't agree with how they voted then contact your Rep and ask them for the Google Form link to the Bill so you can vote on it yourself.
Any voter can nominate themselves as a candidate for election as the Federal Member of Dickson. To do so they need to get 100 voters to sign the "Nomination of a Member of the House of Representatives" form (EF060) and pay a deposit of $2,000 to the AEC. They will then appear on the ballot paper at the Federal Election.

All candidates standing for the electorate of Dickson who are already Community Reps can sign the Dickson Reps Statutory Declaration legally pledging that, if elected as the Member for Dickson, they will vote as directed by the majority.

If they sign this Stat Dec then they will be preferenced on the How To Vote cards of all the other candidates who have also signed this Stat Dec Pledge. With this preference arrangement in place the chances that one of the Candidates gets elected is significantly increased.
Candidate Nomination
I offer myself as an Independent Candidate for election as the Federal Member for Dickson and agree to sign the Democracy Statutory Declaration pledge
As a Registered Dickson Voter it is your right to nominate one Dickson voter who is seeking nomination as a Candidate at the next Federal Election. If you nominate a candidate then once the election is called you will need to physically sign the "Nomination of a Member of the House of Representatives" form (EF060). This form is not availabe from the AEC until the Writ for the election is issued. Once the form is available the candidate you have nominated will contact you to arrange a time to sign.
Select the Candidate you wish Nominate
Note that any Dickson Voter who has nomiated themselves as a Candidate will not appear in the below dropdown list until they have been added manually. This is to ensure that they understand what is involved in being a candidate for elected office and they have signed the Democracy Statutory Declaration Pledge.
Nominator's Date of Birth
If you have nominated a candidate then you will be required to provide to the AEC your Date of Birth. You can provide it now or  when you sign the EF060 form.
Pledge Donation to your Candidate's Nomination Deposit
Independent Candidates must pay a $2,000 Nomination Deposit to the Australian Electoral Commision to be registered on the Ballot paper. You are invited to support your candidate by making a donation towards this deposit. If your nominated candidate gets 4% or more of the primary vote then you will have your donation fully refunded. If you pledge a donation amount now you can make the actual donation when you sign the "Nomination of a Member of the House of Representatives" form (EF060) after the Writ for the election has been issued.
Choose to not receive Refund
Campaigns are expensive to run so you can further support your candidate by choosing not to receive a refund.
Offer to display Election Signage
Any Dickson Voter who registers with the Dickson Representatives OR is a Bill or Community Rep OR is standing as a Candidaite must agree to take all reasonable steps to the best of their ability to protect the personal information entrusted to them by those they represent or that they may be privy to in their volunteer work with the Dickson Representives, and to only use that personal information for the benefit of the owner of that information and to not knowingly misrepresent, mislead or deceive.
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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